Description of Business

The solar power generation refers to an electric power system utilizing renewable energy converting solar energy from sun into electric energy, with is configured with solar battery producing direct current (DC) electricity with solar energy received, control system storing electricity generated, and inverter converting direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current(AC) electricity.

The solar power generation in general is sorted by grid interlocking system and independent system. The grid interlocking system allows users consume electricity by connecting the solar power generation system with existing utility power system, transmitting electricity generated during daytime back to the utility power grid and receiving electricity from the utility power grid during nighttime or rainy days. Such system does not need to install any separate battery for storage. The independent system stores electricity generated from solar power generation system in the secondary battery and uses electricity stored when necessary, which is often installed at those remote areas complicated to connect with the utility power grid.

Introduction to Business

Micro-solar Power Generation

The Micro-solar Power Generation system refers to a power supply solution allowing using of electricity received from the solar power panels through power plug connection without any separate battery pack, and saving electricity charge of each household using the 250W power module.

Independent Solar Power Generation

The Independent Solar Power Generation refers to a system storing electricity generated from small scale solar power generation process at the secondary battery station mostly employed in those areas where the utility power supply is not available. The Independent System allows convenience of capacity expansion as necessary, which can be effectively used for joyful leisure or vacation camping

Hybrid(Solar&Wind) Power Generation

The Hybrid Power Generation is a highly suitable system for emergency power supply and outdoor installation thanks to its ease of installation and mobility.

The moving and disassembly of Hybrid System is particularly simple allowing adjustment of solar power module angle depending on the environment of system installed location.

Home Solar Power Generation

The Home Solar Power Generation refers to a system saving electricity charge by employing the solar power generating facility at each household, which may be selectable from wide variety of choices per each individual housing structure. The system offers higher saving of electricity charge with those households with heavy power consumption