Description of Business

ESS(Energy Storage System) refers to a technology storing excess electricity and energy in the electrical power system in order to supply the electricity and energy stored at the required time and location as necessary.

ESS keeps the new & renewable energy and electricity generated from power plants in the large scale secondary battery station, not supplying the electricity generated to residential units or factories right away, and transmits electricity at the most demanding peak time and locations improving the energy efficiency.

ESS, a core technology employed with Smart Grid, is an advanced storage system developed to enhance the electrical power quality and energy utilization during the period the electricity demand is low supplying the electricity under the overload condition or emergency situation. ESS as well effectively forecasts and regulates the unstable electrical power supply and power outage as the weight of power generated and distributed by new & renewable energies(solar power, wind power, tidal power & etc.) and nuclear power plants grandually increases.

Introduction to Business

Home ESS

Home ESS refers to an effective energy system allowing the user perfectly deal with the power outage or emergency situations, or use the electricity charged during the nighttime requiring to pay low electrcity charge at the peak demand time, which is a system useful at those remote regions or terrains with poor electrical power environment,

Commercial ESS

Commercial ESS serves as a back-up power supply system in urban building, offices, and particularly of commercial spaces with heavy electricity demand during daytime, storing excess electricity in the battery during nighttime and using it at the peak time as necessary.

Micro-grid Type ESS

Micro_grid Type ESS is a standalone system allowing the residents living in islands or other remote areas with poor electrical power environment and high electricity charge and effectively use electricity independent to the utility power system by establishing large scale ESS facility