What is ESS?

The Energy Storage System (ESS) is a technology that stores surplus power and energy in the electrical power system to supply it when and where it is needed.
It is a system that increases energy efficiency by storing electricity produced by renewable energy and power plants in large secondary batteries and sending it to when and where power is most needed without transferring it directly to homes or factories.


The home ESS is a battery system that is installed in a typical home.
The power produced by solar panels is often used to store in a battery in the ESS and use electricity when needed.
It aims to save electricity bills by storing and using electricity generated through solar power during the day, mainly in conjunction with solar power systems.
The energy stored in the ESS can also be used as an alternative energy source in the event of a sudden power outage.

Use of ESS's home appliances

E-bank is easy to install and has a modern design, enabling es home appliances that don’t splatter indoors or outdoors.

Space savings

Compact size saves Installation Space

Electricity savings

Using E-banks can reduce electricity bills by consuming energy on its own.

Capacity scaling capabilities

E-bank can increase energy capacity by combining batteries.