Product introduction

Through global partners, ESS, converter, switchboard, etc. have been introduced and applied to domestic and foreign industrial sites.

ELT provides the best solution for the Industry 4.0 era to match the market environment.

PV Module & PV Inverter

  • 325Wp SHINSUNG E&G PV Module
  • 50kW SUNGROW PV Inverter

PCS & Li-ion Battery

  • 325Wp SHINSUNG E&G PV Module
  • 325Wp SHINSUNG E&G PV Module

Diesel Generator

  • 55kW Genset

PMS (Power Management System)

  • PMS (Hardware & Software)

AMI 장비

  • Smart Meter/ AMI Moderm / Data Concentrator Unit(DCU) / MDMS Platform S/W

Mobile PV Solution

Foldable PV 1kw module