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Through global partners, ESS, converter, switchboard, etc. have been introduced and applied to domestic and foreign industrial sites.

ELT provides the best solution for the Industry 4.0 era to match the market environment.

Development of ESS operation technology using power conversion device in secondary battery field

It is a system that increases energy efficiency by storing power generated by solar power generation in ESS during the day in connection with solar power systems and using it when necessary.

  • Product Specification

– Built-in parts
inverter part : 140*303*525(D*W*H)3kW 13kg
Battery Part : 24Vdc/70A/250*250*275(D*W*H)18kg 1.8kWh

– Front Input Panel
AC Port 220Vac*2EA
USB Port *2EA
Solar Fill DC ±(30~115Vdc)120A

– Front Output Part
1 AC Power Line (see PC Power Line)

ESS's Consumer Electronics

Space savings

Electricity savings

Capacity scaling capabilities