What is ESS?

The Energy Storage System (ESS) is a technology that stores surplus power and energy in the electrical power system to supply it when and where it is needed.
It is a system that increases energy efficiency by storing electricity produced by renewable energy and power plants in large secondary batteries and sending it to when and where power is most needed without transferring it directly to homes or factories.

Commercial ESS ?

Commercial ESS is a backup power supply system in urban buildings, offices, and especially commercial spaces with high daytime power demands, storing surplus power in batteries at night and using it during peak hours as needed.

Power Load Adjustment

It controls the power load at peak demand to prevent overinvestment in power generation facilities.

Prevent power quality degradation

It controls the sudden supply and demand of electricity and adjusts frequently changing frequencies to improve the reliability of the power grid.

Reliable power supply

It supplies emergency power in a short period of time, acts as its own power source in the event of a prolonged power outage, and prepares the power system for emergency situations.